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LASD Studio provides garden design, landscape architecture, urban design, and regional landscape design services internationally based in San Diego, California.
LASD Studio: Landscape Architecture, Sustainability, Design.
Life begins with you!

Our working principles come from 15 years of our own experience, and a generation of landscape architect, environmental designers and ecologists. All of them deliver purpose of sustainlable future life on our planet.

Design with nature. This principle firstly described by Ian McHarg, and lately become widely known for ecological systainability basis.

Evolutinary system. We perceive the nature as always evolving ecological system with many interconnected processes. Yet, this system is never static.

Regeneration, and recovery of nature. In our work we are trying to understand, and help nature to evolve it’s essential ecological processes.

Do no harm. It is important in our work that all the materials, items, and the design in general do not harm nature, providing essential resources for the future generations to come.

Integrated system approach. We strive to create a native ballance between nature and humans as a one united system rather then thinking separatelly.

Simple Aesthetic. Inspiration for the Aesthetic is nature.

Innovative solutions. Innovative sustainable solution for landscapes.

BIM workflow. Delivering of high quality standards with leading designing technologies. check here

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